1% Promise

At UAV Systems International we embrace the opportunities drones are creating to make the world a better place. As part of our 1% promise, we pledge to place 1% of all our profits as well as all advertising revenue towards funding our in house drone charity.


1% promise


What Does Our Drone Charity Support?

We are in still in the early stages of establishing our charitable division, however we will be focusing on the following:



30% of charity resources will be focused on immediate disaster relief. This will be events such as war, tornado, typhoon, earthquake, flood, etc worldwide where extensive damage & injury has occurred. We will work with external organizations to maximize the efficiency of our operations. Some things we can assist with in such disasters are the following;

  • Search and rescue
  • Emergency mapping of damaged areas
  • Thermal imaging to spot people in debris
  • Diagnose patients when their location is inaccessible
  • Deliver supplies to groups on the ground

We will be able to perform these objectives significantly cheaper, quicker and more efficiently than any other older technology such as helicopter would allow for.

drone charity


70% of charity resources will be focused on ongoing humanitarian work around the world mainly in Central America. We aim to work on the following in our on-going humanitarian work;

  • Delivering food supplies to rural areas
  • Use drones to assist in agriculture and farming
  • Perform medical work in collaboration with teams on the ground, receiving items such as blood samples and delivering medical supplies in return.

We expect the majority of our costs will be from the purchase of appropriate UAV equipment, travel costs to and from the areas we will be working, costs incurred while in the areas we will be working, and a small amount to administrative work.


You can be happy knowing that a portion of any purchase you make on this site goes towards charitable activities. If you would like to learn more about our charity progress and activities please subscribe here and we will be sending out a monthly newsletter updating our members on our current charity work. If you are interested in volunteering with our charity please send an email to support@uavsystemsinternational.com with the subject line “charity volunteer”