Business Services


Drone Consulting

We offer low cost drone consulting to business’s from realtors to oil and gas companies looking at ways of integrating drones into their operation. As a business you benefit from our volume pricing we receive and pass on to you, our expertise in assisting companies that went from not knowing what drones were to full integrating into their operations within a short period of time. We offer 24/7 support from the day you contact us until your drone reaches the end of its life. We offer on site training, repairs, equipment swap outs and parts anytime, anywhere. Our famous free Lifetime Drone Care ensures your drones are always in the air and your business will always be running. Contact us today at with the subject “business services” today and learn how we can grow your business with drones.



Drone Management

We offer drone leasing and Active Inventory Lifetime Drone Care for business’s. With drone leasing you can avoid the heavy up front capital commitments required when purchasing drones and easily add or remove drones from your operation with minimal cost. Our Active Inventory Lifetime Drone Care is a free service provided to all business’s that purchase or lease drones from us. We will ensure you always have enough parts on hand to deal with any technical problems and keep your drones in the air. Contact today with the subject “Drone Management” to learn more about how we can help your business.



Volume Purchasing

Are you a business with a large requirement for drones or components for drones? Contact us today at with the subject “volume purchasing” to find out about volume discounts today.