• Immediate Disaster Relief
  • Ongoing Humanitarian Aid


30% of charity resources will be focused on immediate disaster relief. This will be for events such as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and typhoons worldwide where extensive damage and injury has occurred. We will work with external organizations to maximize the efficiency of our operations. Some things we can assist with in such disasters are the following;

  • Search and rescue
  • Emergency mapping of damaged areas
  • Aerial thermal imaging to spot people in debris
  • Diagnose patients when their location is inaccessible
  • Deliver supplies to groups on the ground

Using the latest UAV technology we can perform these objectives substantially cheaper, more efficiently and quicker than would be possible with helicopters and older technologies.


70% of charity resources will be focused on ongoing humanitarian work around the world. We aim to work on the following in our on-going humanitarian work;

  • Delivering food and supplies to rural areas
  • Use drones to assist in agriculture and improve efficiency
  • Perform medical work in collaboration with teams on the ground, receiving items such as blood samples and delivering medical supplies in return.

The majority of our costs are from the purchase of appropriate UAV equipment, and associated technology to accomplish our goals. Such equipment is purchased from UAV Systems International when possible on a zero profit basis. Travel costs are our second biggest cost, for transport to and from the work sites, while administrative and other costs make up the negligible remainder.


Want To Help?

The more help we can get, the better for our goal of using UAV technology to improve the lives of others around the world. From coming to the field to operate the UAV equipment, to helping us document our operations in a presentable manner from your home, we value any and every skill you can bring to the table. Please email us at support@uavsystemsinternational.com with the subject “1% Promise” for more information.


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