Continuous Improvement Program

Continuous Improvement Program

For us at UAV Systems International, we like to push the boundaries. As a result of this, most of our work is extensive R&D related to UAV’s, while our manufacturing and customer support compose a much smaller part of the company. The vast majority of profits on any product purchased from us is reinvested right back into R&D. This allows us to continue offering the latest and greatest products to our customers.

On our Tarot 650 for example, we have had several iterations over the span of only a few months. Each change has made a big improvement for us to have mastered the art of this drone. Due to our program, we got questions from our customers, when it is a good time to buy if the product could keep changing? This program is the answer.

Our continuous improvement program gives you as our customer, the possibility to get upgrades on your drone for as little as $299.99 USD. Any drone bought from us after January 2019, and at any point in the future can get these upgrades. We will upgrade your drone with the latest and greatest improvements we have made since you purchased it.

This is another way we work, to keep offering you the best value and quality products in the market. We want to keep pushing the limits of UAV technology. That was our vision when we started, and that’s how we will keep doing business in the future as well!

Want to reach out to us about the drone upgrades? Simply just open the chat on the page, to be directly in touch with one of our agents. Curious in buying some nice drone accessories for your drone? Have a look in our shop now.