Tarot X6 Long Endurance Battery Set (2 Pcs)

    Tarot X6 Long Endurance Battery Set (2 Pcs)

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    We are excited to launch the Tarot X6 Long Endurance battery! Developed by Aurelia Aerospace and partners, this battery will deliver up to 45 minutes flight time for your Tarot X6.

    Featuring XT90 high quality AMASS Anti Spark connectors, the Tarot X6 Long Endurance battery uses Li-Ion cells rather than traditional Li-Po cells. This gives the battery a higher energy density, and also makes it less flammable than its Li-Po counterparts. It has been designed to offer almost identical size and weight to the standard Tarot X6 Standard batteries.

    This upgrade is designed to be plug and play, simply unbox the new batteries, charge them up and you are ready to go. They will fit snugly into the Tarot X6 battery bay with no modifications or adjustments necessary.

    The purchase of this Tarot X6 Standard Long Endurance Battery Set includes,
    - 2pcs 16,000mah 6S 22.2V Li-Ion batteries

    For a limited time until August 31 we are offering $200 or more off the Long Endurance battery set to existing Tarot X6 customers. 

    Tarot X6 Long
    Endurance Battery Set

    2 pcs1,420g192x76x50mm

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    Add A Fast Charger 

    The Fast Charger upgrade is a suggested charger upgrade for those looking to charge their batteries quickly on one cycle. Charge 2pcs of 16,000mah Long Endurance batteries simultaneously in an hour and a half with our fast charger. This durable charger comes with a carrying handle, and a large LCD display for managing your charging operations. 

    This has been our go to charger for the Aurelia X6 Pro platform, and we have received extremely positive feedback regarding its speed and reliability.