GoPro Drone Karma

GoPro Drone Karma

GoPro Drone Karma

GoPro Drone: Karma

The GoPro Drone Karma, is now aiming to be shipped for the holiday 2016 season after a recent announcement (May 5, 2016). This is first drone to be released by GoPro, and most of the features and specifications have not been revealed yet. Images have yet to be leaked giving the drone community no indication of design or features, however it can be expected that as we approach nearer to the release date that details will emerge. Expect announcements and forthcoming updates as we get closer to the planned release date of Holiday 2016. This delay comes after Nick Woodman, CEO and founder of GoPro, ensured shareholders that the delay is to improve the release. Releasing the drone during the holiday 2016 season will make this a perfect holiday gift!

GoPro Karma

Karma’s features make it much more than a drone,” he added. “To give ourselves more time to fine-tune these features, we have made the difficult decision to push Karma’s launch to the holidays.” – GoPro

Our Perspective: GoPro Drone Karma

GoPro has recently suffered a dramatic downturn in its market value as the stock price has plummeted, trading down from $62 in August 2015, to $9 in May 2016. An announcement of a delay will not help the short term value of the stock for shareholders. However a holiday release is optimistic for investors and drone enthusiasts alike, as a strong product will generate sales and an unmatched user experience. We can speculate that pushing back the release date is ensuring the release will be spectacular, with features and strong supply in place. Pushing back the release date could also hint at potential disaster, with a product that is not ready to go to market. Again we’re speculating, but that’s all we can do at this point.

As a company they possess many strengths that could lend support to the Karma’s release. Firstly, they have a strong brand. Aligning with their current strategy of dominating the premium action camera industry, consumers appreciate the quality that is associated with the GoPro brand. Secondly, they already have a strong integrated presence among current drone models. Many drones are built to be compatible with GoPro cameras, which has been a thoughtful strategic move that allows current GoPro camera users another truly immersive user experience.

DJI recent release of the Phantom 4 with a sensor assisted navigation system, or anti-collision system, should make GoPro Drone Karma supporters excited. Why should this make the GoPro Karma supporters excited? Not only will the Karma need to have competitive features similar to the Phantom 4 to be successful in the marketplace as well as competitive pricing, it will probably need to have stand-out unique features to persuade customers. Pushing back the release date is strategically targeting the holiday season. A delay may also be to improve the technology and sophistication of the software, inevitably offering Phantom 4 features with competitive pricing. Our team at UAV Systems International sees a delayed release date as a potential catalyst for success.

The competitive drone landscape is currently dominated by DJI, with estimates as high as 70% of market share. Other companies including GoPro have taken note of how valuable the market is, and where it’s headed. Everybody wants a bigger piece. GoPro wants it’s piece of the industry. Competition breeds innovation, and we hope that the GoPro Drone Karma will exceed our expectations with a truly unique offering that challenges DJI.

We hope it’s much more than just a drone too!

We’re excited to say the least.

We’ll update this page, as we receive more information.

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