Invention Of The Drone Contributed To Mankind

How Has The Invention Of The Drone Contributed To Mankind?

Drones will be a big plus for humanity as a whole, allowing easy deliveries of goods in hard to reach areas and more efficient package delivery in more built-up areas.

Their use in agriculture will massively improve the efficiency of farming because of the data they produce, allowing farmers to use less water, pesticides, and herbicides, resulting in millions of dollars in savings. ( To see how drones are changing agriculture check out the following article,How Will Drones Change Agriculture?)

They are already changing Hollywood, and television making, allowing TV producers to capture stunning aerial shots without the need for an expensive helicopter.

Despite these positive changes, the big interferences it will bring are the following,

  1. Disruption of peace – People will be injured by rogue drones, noise pollution will increase in certain areas, and people may suspect drones of performing unwanted surveillance. As technology improves, people will likely find ways to mitigate these concerns through better drone safety systems, dedicated drone airways and more.
  2. Despite improving the efficiency of everything from deliveries, to agriculture and television, many jobs will be lost because of drones. Until society has time to adjust to this, and the displaced people have a chance to re-train in a new profession, it will be considered a negative interference.

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