Increase Flight Time Of Your Drone

Increase Flight Time Of Your Drone

Drones are fun to fly, but the fun runs out when the battery dies. Here are some tips to stay up in the air longer by increasing your drone’s battery life.

1. Try different propellers. Some propellers are known for giving extra flight time but don’t expect significant change.

2. Keep the weight to the minimum. – That’s is the main concern for everything that flies up in the sky.

3. Get a battery with bigger capacity. – More mah means more juice.

4. Lower the power consumption of other non-essential systems. That way there is more juice for the motors to spin. Just be careful.

5. Flying aggressively lowers the battery faster, so try not to fly too fast and not in strong winds.

6. Make sure your drone is running on Li-Po batteries as they have the best weight/power-capacity ratio. Almost all drones come with these batteries.

7. If you know what are you doing, you can change the drone motors for more efficient ones.

8. Reduce weight (all weight lost means less throttle to move)

9. Get bigger battery pack (more Amps means more juice, but bigger batteries are also heavier so this comes with a cost that may not always be worth it)

10. Switch to Li-Po battery (if you aren’t already using a lithium polymer battery, switch to one, you get more juice for the weight, plus Li-Po batteries are much zippier when it comes to goosing the throttle)