Top Compatible Drones For Apple | iPhone / Mac / iPad

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Top Compatible Drones For Apple | iPhone / Mac / iPad

Until not long ago, any drone equipped with FPV system (First Person View) depended upon an elaborated guiding team based on a monitor and a manual control, something that made the costs rise “to infinity and beyond” and that would discourage a great part of the potential public.

Nowadays, we have had the chance to witness how the development of mobile phones has reached all areas of life, and in fact at this time smartphones, rather than phones as such, are fully equipped pocket computers. Thanks to this, we have the facility to sync and control remotely almost any type of drones with mobile devices like Apple iPhones and iPads. Thanks to smartphones, you can handle a drone in a tactile way and see directly on the screen what the camera is picking up as it is in the air.

Let’s see some of the drones that can be controlled in this way.

Intermediate Drones

The control from the mobile is very simple and that is why it is indicated for beginners or children who want to enter the world of drones.

Drones that fall under this category are:

DJI Mavic Air

Parrot Bebop 2

Phantom 4 Pro

DJI Inspire 2

Specialized Drones

Another type of drones for more professional use can also be controlled from a mobile device through the “mission planner” program, an upgrade that our company offers for greater visual control and flight precision and diverse operations.

Drones that fall under this category are:

Tarot T-18

X8 Long Range

DJI Agras MG 1-S

Crop Seed / Sprayer 5Kg

Best Drone Apps

Get the most out of your iPhone or iPad by syncing it with one of the aforementioned compatible drones with the best mobile apps to make programming and piloting your UAV more convenient than ever before.

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