A drone. What else?

A drone. What else?

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Surely you have heard about it somehow. Drones are a hot item these days in the world. Everyone wants to have one, as it used to be with smartphones, tablets years ago. It is a flying robot that is controlled by a user. It is controlled through a controller or through actions the user has programmed it to do. Drones have the potential to change our lives enormously in the years ahead. Most people associate drones with the military and killing over Iraq and Afghanistan. The fact is however that the real growth in drones now is in the consumer space.

Drones in recent years have become much cheaper for the average consumer. Smartphones have helped the industry a lot. Many components that are crucial for drones such as GPS, processors, batteries, and gyroscopes are an example of that. Smartphone technology developed it, drones started using it! Buy your own drone from $20 and up.


What are drones used for?

Consumer drones have so far been primarily used for photography and recreational use. The next generation drones made by companies, have their eyes set on using the technology to transform business. There is still only one downside. Many countries, including the United States, still largely restrict any commercial use of drones. Amazon has been a promoter of using drones for their business and wants to deliver their orders by drone. This is just one example, but there’s many more which you can read here. You can use a drone for everything you can imagine. From fishing to delivering vaccines, from reaching remote communities to building bridges. It can do it all, even autonomous!

There is a lot of legal restrictions in many countries around the world using drones. Where are you going to fly your drone and what are you going to use it for? That’s information you will need for a drone insurance. Want to learn more about drone laws in the world? Read it here.

Drones are an exciting, fast changing technology that will change our future lives. Curious in buying a drone yourself? Check out out beginners drones here. Starting for as little as $20.