Cambodia Drone Laws

Angkor Wat Sunset

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Drone laws are constantly changing. Always verify using multiple sources to be sure you're rightly informed.

Cambodia Drone Law

Drone use is allowed in Cambodia, but there are several drone laws that need to be followed when flying in the country.

Flying drones is banned without approval in the capital, Phnom Penh. However, drone use isn’t prohibited throughout the rest of the country.

Operators must ensure that they follow the following drone laws when flying in Cambodia,

  • Do not fly your drone over people or large crowds
  • Fly at or below 400 feet (120 metres)
  • Respect other's privacy when flying your drone
  • Drones are banned in Phnom Penh, Angkor Park, or around any historic temples unless you have written permission
  • Do not fly your drone over airports or in areas were aircraft are operating
  • You must fly during daylight hours and only fly in good weather conditions
  • Do not fly your drone in sensitive areas including government or military facilities. Use of drones or camera drones in these areas are prohibited
Angkor Wat Temple District

Image by Radek Kucharski via Flickr

Best Travel Accessories

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Bringing Your Drones on Airplanes

Carry-on is Key:
Whenever possible, pack your drone in your carry-on luggage. Airlines are only responsible for limited amounts (SDR 1,288, around $1,700 USD) for lost checked baggage according to the Montreal Convention. This means lost or stolen drones in checked luggage can be a big financial headache, especially with international flights and layovers.

High-Value Drones:
Consider Shipping: If your drone is worth more than $1,000 USD and can't fit in your carry-on, explore shipping options like DHL, FedEx, or UPS. Be sure to fully insure the shipment for peace of mind.

Battery Safety is Paramount:
Absolutely DO NOT pack drone batteries in your checked luggage. Lithium-ion batteries are considered hazardous materials by airlines due to past fire incidents. Pack them in a fire-resistant LiPo battery bag, and bring them in your carry-on.

Strict Rules, Big Consequences:
Airlines have strict regulations for lithium-ion batteries. Improper packing (like skipping the LiPo bag) can lead to confiscated batteries, fines, or even denied boarding. Don't risk it!

Permit Needed For
Recreational Drone Use?

A drone permit is not required for recreational drone use, unless you wish to fly in Phnom Penh, Angkor Park, or around any historic temples.

Permission to fly in Phnom Penh can be acquired by obtaining a permit from the Cinema and Cultural Diffusion Department and the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts of Cambodia.

To fly in Angkor Park, you will need a permit from the Authority for the Protection and Management of Angkor and the Region of Siem Reap and clearance from the air traffic control because of the proximity of the temple to the airport.

However, please always adhere to the above General Cambodia Drone Laws when flying your drone.

In case you are interested in obtaining one, please contact the local aviation authority.

Permit Needed For
Commercial Drone Use?

A permit is not required for commercial drone use in Cambodia.

In case you are interested in obtaining one, please contact the local aviation authority in Cambodia.

Are you interested in obtaining a permit yourself for your holidays or business trip?

To obtain a permit contact the local authorities yourself directly.

However, if you try to contact us about a permit for your destination, we will only respond if there is a way for us of helping you with the permit within 1-2 business days.

We do not guarantee permits to any destination due to the constantly changing domestic drone laws and only respond if help can be provided.

Buying Drones
in Cambodia

Read all of our Cambodia Drone Laws, and now looking for drones, parts, accessories, or something else? Read our guide for Buying Drones In Cambodia. It includes information on drones for sale in Cambodia, import taxes, payment options, and shipping.

Traveling with Drone Batteries
on a Plane?

Please check with the airline or carrier about which batteries you can take in your carry-on luggage.

This drone law page is up to date as per June 24, 2024.

Drone laws are constantly changing. Always verify using multiple sources to be sure you are rightly informed.

If you have any questions, please click on "Service & Support" or open the chat in the bottom corner and reach out to an agent.

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