Become a drone pilot

Become a drone pilot?

Want to be a great drone pilot after you have picked out your drone? Once you have picked an incredible drone from our selection and waiting with baited breath for your drone to arrive, the next question arises, how do I fly my drone? With a little practice, piloting a drone can become second nature.

With many customers asking us to provide a resource on how to become a great drone pilot, we have come up with this guide. You can access the guide by downloading it below or order a paper copy of our guide here.

Access the Drone Flying Guide !

Flying A Drone

How To Guide on Flying Your Drone

Guide To Flying Drones

How Do I Fly A Drone?

Fly a drone worldwide? We can arrange your permit

If you just want to fly one for fun, all you need to do is learn how to control it and follow laws that regulate drone use. Travelling overseas with your drone and shoot some nice videos and photos on your holiday, or doing an overseas project in the agricultural industry? We can arrange permits for your travels.

NOTE: We do NOT generate these permits ourselves. These permits are obtained from local governments that we work with. The process varies greatly depending on the country you need authorization for.

If we cannot obtain the permit for any reason, we will issue a full refund.