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Heavy Lift Payload Drones

We are confident we build some of the best heavy lift payload drones in the world. As a company in the drone business for more than 5 years, we have worked with academia, business, and government in over 100 countries. This vast expertise has allowed us to develop and refine, what we believe to be the best open source heavy-lift payload drones currently on the market.

Our heavy lift drones are designed to be affordable, yet incredibly capable. All of our drones are built with a focus on utilizing the highest quality parts made in the United States, Europe and elsewhere. The Pixhawk flight controller and open source design used in all our products allow the end user to extensively customize our products to meet a specific mission. Whether it is a sensor, precious cargo, or something else you need to carry, we have a heavy lift drone to meet your needs.

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Tarot 650 V2.1

Carry Up To 3.3lbs

(1.5 kg)

Up To 25 Minute Flight Time

Highly Customizable & Built To Order

The Tarot 650 is our smallest Pixhawk drone, featuring a quadcopter design, 3.3lbs (1.5 kg) payload ability. It is small, portable, and easy to use for beginners who have limited drone experience.

Starting From $1,699.95 USD

Tarot X6 V2.1

Carry Up To 11lbs

(5 kg)

Up To 35 Minute Flight Time

Highly Customizable & Built To Order

The Tarot X6 is our most popular Pixhawk drone, featuring a hexacopter design, for improved redundancy and stability along with an impressive 35+ minute flight time.

Starting From $2,599.95 USD

Tarot T-18 V2.1

Carry Up To 17lbs

(8 kg)

Up To 30 Minute Flight Time

Highly Customizable & Built To Order

The Tarot T-18 is our largest and most capable Pixhawk drone, featuring a octocopter design, capable of carrying up to 17lbs (8 kg).

Starting From $3,599.95 USD

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Our Commitment To Quality

As a company manufacturing drones for some of the wold's top institutions our commitment to quality goes one step further.