Cheapest Drone For GoPro

Cheapest Drone For GoPro

Unfortunately most drones are still very expensive pieces of equipment, with a good drone selling for no less than $400 U.S dollars these days. There are many cheap drones on the market available but unfortunately many of these also come with lousy cameras that deliver no more than 2MP, quality that is not very good if your goal is to capture stunning aerial footage.

Luckily however many people have a GoPro camera, so in this article we will cover what we believe is the cheapest drone for GoPro and best setup you can have for a GoPro and your drone.

For most of us, a drone is not something we will be taking out on a daily basis so there is little justification for spending large amounts of money on one. On the other hand however, having a drone to capture your next vacation or that next beautiful sunset would be quite desirable. Much of the cost of drones comes from their technology, things like onboard smart batteries, onboard GPS and onboard computer equipment. If you are willing to forgo those fancy features, you can pick up a drone that is capable of carrying your GoPro for under $100 while also not sacrificing on aesthetics.

Syma X8C

Syma X8C

The Syma X8C fits the bill perfectly as the cheapest drone for GoPro. The drone looks good, is cheap, and can easily carry a GoPro camera and more. It lacks the advanced flight software and quality of some of the more expensive drones, meaning you will have to touch up on your manual flying skills and make sure to be flying it carefully. The video at the top of the page provides some footage taken from a GoPro mounted on a Syma X8C.

Some users who are more technically inclined have also been able to mount a Tarot Gimbal to the Syma X8C, resulting in beautiful smooth aerial footage.

The Syma X8C also has the exact same body shape and style as the DJI Phantom 3, meaning that you can use many accessories designed for the more expensive Phantom 3. In addition, if you ever choose to upgrade to the more expensive DJI Phantom drone many of your Syma X8C accessories will be compatible.

All you need to get the cheapest drone for GoPro is the Syma X8C drone along with the Syma X8C GoPro Mount.

Don’t Have A GoPro?

Syma X8C GoPro Mount

Don’t have a GoPro but still want to capture stunning aerial footage at an affordable price? Not to worry, the Xiaomi Yi action camera is a action camera similar to the GoPro but costs under $100. The camera does not sacrifice on performance and features many of the same high quality sensors and components found in more expensive GoPro cameras. The only difference is that Xiaomi is willing to make razor thin margins on its products while GoPro strives to be more of a premium brand with larger margins. Together with the Xiaomi Yi Camera, Syma X8C drone and Syma X8C GoPro mount you can have a setup that will allow you to capture stunning aerial footage for under $200. The only catch is you will need to be able to fly the drone manually and will not have access to some of the more advanced flight software that the more expensive models feature.