Drone Uses

Drone Uses

As drones become more and more popular, people have came up with more and more drone uses. In this article we go over all current drone uses, from the well known to the innovative drone uses many people have come up with.

Delivery Drones

Amazon was the first to announce its bold ambitions to deliver many of its Amazon deliveries by drone some day. Google has also said it is working on a delivery drone that will deliver packages. Australia Post, DHL, and Singapore Post have all expressed interest in exploring use of the technology. Below is a video showing the Amazon delivery drone in action


Recently, someone came up with an innovative use for their drone. Fishing! Below is a video showing the drone in action catching a fish.


Earlier this year, a group in Switzerland demonstrated using drones for construction of a bridge. The video, showing the drones in action is shown below.

Crop Spraying

Drones have been used for crop spraying for almost 30 years, beginning in in 1987 in Japan. Below is a video showing the Yamaha RMAX, a drone designed for crop spraying in action.

Planting Trees

An Oxford startup recently designed a drone that is intended to re-plant trees after loggers have cleared areas. Below is a video showing the technology in action

Drone Racing

A new sport, called drone racing has recently taken off as drones have become cheaper for the masses and much more technologically advanced. Below is a video showing the drone in action.

Drone Waiter

Several restaurant chains are now looking to use drones to deliver food to your table. Below is a video showing it in action.

Herding Sheep

Drones are even finding uses in the country, replacing humans for tasks such as rounding sheep up as shown in the video below.

Displaying Advertising

Drones are now being used to hold ads, similar to how small aircraft have been used to tow advertising material. Below is a video showing the advertising drone in action.

Providing Internet

Facebook is well under way in its effort to manufacture drones which it will fly over Africa and rural countries to execute its stated goal of providing internet access to all.

Leaf Blowing

A man has came up with an innovative use for his drone, using it to help clear the leaves from his house. Watch the drone in action in the video below.

Some other uses for drones are the following;

  • Weather research
  • Wildlife monitoring
  • 3D mapping
  • Search and rescue
  • Military use
  • Land surveying
  • Filming
  • Inspecting power lines, railways and infrastructure
  • Crowd monitoring
  • Photography
  • Journalism
  • Research
  • Illegal drug delivery
  • Fighting forest fires
  • Hacking networks
  • Analyze sports