How Can You Get A Licence For Flying Your Drone?

How Can You Get A Licence For Flying Your Drone?

register your drone with the FAA

Depends On Your Location

In the United States, you can register your drone with the FAA here,FAADroneZone. There are many other countries that permit drones without a license, some countries that require a license or permit, and other countries that have a total ban on flying drones, please visit Banned Countries For Drones. You can also see a list of drone laws by countries here, Drone Laws By Country. We have provided the Aviation Authority contact information at the bottom of our Drone Laws webpages including email and phone so you can contact the corresponding agencies and ask for a permit if needed.

safe operating their drones

regulatory authorities around the world

The Service We Provide

One clear point so people turn to our assistance is basically because they don’t want to have their drone confiscated at the airport and they want to feel safe operating their drones without going to jail.

Through our dealings with customers around the world, and shipping our products to 100+ countries we have developed an extensive network of contacts in regulatory authorities around the world. We can use these contacts to obtain a Letter of Authorization (also known as a Drone Permit), allowing you to bring your drone into the country of your choice. Each letter is valid for one country each, and it is valid for one year.

The approximate processing time is 3 weeks (depending on the regulations of each country), from the time your payment is processed and you have submitted your personal information on the website.

One more nice thing about our service is that in the event that a drone permit cannot be obtained for whatever reason, we can issue a Full Refund.

Feel free to speak to a customer service agent today for information on multi-country and annual subscriptions.

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