How long can an average drone fly

How Long Can An Average Drone Fly?

A typical multi-rotor drone (a drone that has 4, 6, 8, or more propellers like the one above) using lithium ion batteries can typically fly between 20–30 minutes. The only way to increase this on a multi-rotor is to use another fuel source, such as hydrogen, or gas.

If you want to fly longer than 20–30 minutes and do not have the ability to use hydrogen or gas as a fuel, the next best option is a fixed wing drone. Fixed wing drones offer the ability to fly much much longer, with flight times of up many hours not unrealistic. This is due to the winged design, which is much more efficient and allows the drone to glide with minimal power, compared to a multi rotor that is relying on a lot of power just to stay airborne. You can take a look at our range of fixed wing drones offering a flight time of 1–3 hours here,Fixed Wing Long Range Drones