Is It Possible To Use Agriculture Drones In India

Is It Possible To Use Agriculture Drones In India?

With the rise of China, India, Africa and other countries around the world, the demand for food has risen rapidly. Experts expect agricultural consumption to increase 70% by 2050, so massive improvements in the way we farm will be needed between now and then. As a result, the Indian government and others understand that their farming will have to become more efficient in the future. This is where drones come in. Despite drones being largely banned in India at the moment, this is likely to change soon in the future when the government finds out the best way to manage drones in crowded Indian airspace. For up to date drone laws in India, please check the following page, India Drone Laws

Crop Spraying Drones

Crop spraying drones have the latest sensors and technology to optimize everything from water applied to plants, to the amount of fertilizer and space they are given while attaining the highest yields.

The following drone, the DJI Agras MG-1 is a hero of precision variable rate application of liquid pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides. It can cover 7-10 acres per hour, it is 40-60 times faster than manual spraying and it’s payload capacity is 10KG.

NVDI Drones

Talon Mapping Drone

Fixed wing long range drones equipped with NVDI cameras can accurately, quickly and cheaply create NVDI maps. These NVDI maps give a farmer insight into which plants are healthy, and which ones need more attention. As a result, farmers need less herbicides, pesticides and water, instead being able to focus on areas that need attention.

Seeding Drones

Using seeding drones farmers can quickly and accurately apply more seeds to a farm. This is particularly useful for farms that have many hill sides or hard to reach areas that would otherwise be very expensive and difficult to plant seeds on.

Surveillance Drones

Surveillance drones should contribute to fewer losses in the agriculture industry, whether this is crop theft or theft of animals. Using fixed wing long-range drones, farmers can affordably monitor their whole farm regardless of its size from the comfort of their home without the need for expensive security services.


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