Gimbals and drones

Gimbals and drones

what is a gimbal

Take the perfect shots with a gimbal!

Want to take some awesome shots without having any shaky videos or blurry photos? Then buy a gimbal! You can buy one that’s handheld or a gimbal which is mounted to a drone. Putting a gimbal on a drone gives you as the camera operator the freedom of taking photos and videos without any vibration or shake. The photo above shows you an example of a gimbal. A gimbal holds anything from a small GoPro up to a DSLR for much larger gimbals.

Drones shake, wobble, and vibrate. Gimbals hold the camera and reduce the shakiness. Gimbals ensure that the camera always stays horizontal or at a set position. Are you a professional videographer or photographer? Then this is a must have tool.

Even until very recent, a couple of years ago, you had very little control of the camera mounted on a drone. You needed to turn on the camera before the drone was even up in the air. There was no control of the gimbal or camera after take off, but those times have drastically changed.


The best aerial shots, safe from solid ground

All latest drones have a gimbal and camera integrated into flight control system. Now it can be easily controlled from the remote control safe on solid ground. You are the first one to have the perfect view of the camera looks from the air. If you want to buy one, they vary a lot in prices. Some could be very expensive having a lot of features. However, if you just want to take some footage of your holiday, cheaper ones are sufficient to give you all flexibility to take great shots for a great impression of your holiday!

Check out the video to see how a Gimbal is attached to the bottom of a DJI Phantom Drone.