What Is The Best Drone For Kids?

What Is The Best Drone For Kids?

Here are a collection of six cheap drones for beginners, all under $25, and perfect for those starting out with drones. While these drones are all cheap, if you want to see what ones are the most economical over the lifetime of the drones, please read our article, called “What is the most economical beginner drone?”

Cheerson CX-10

The Skeye Pico is a great drone for kids. It is the smallest drone in the world and can be flown indoors and outdoors while performing 360 degree flips, likely to entertain any child. It has various speed settings, allowing kids to practice flying the drone at much lower speeds and work their way up, unleashing its full potential as they go. In addition its small size also ensures it cannot cause much damage. You can buy the Skeye Pico by clicking here.

Cheerwing Ladybug

The Cheerwing Ladybug is a small drone, also suitable for children. Its small size and kid friendly design are sure to make any child happy. As with the Skeye Pico, the Cheerwing Ladybug can be flown both indoors and outdoors and preform a flip at the touch of a button. The drone also has two speed settings, allowing kids to practice flying in the low speed setting and move up to the full speed setting once they have mastered control of the drone. You can buy the Cheerwing Ladybug by clicking here.

Eachine H8

The Cheerson CX-10 is another perfect drone for kids. The drone is only slightly larger than the Skeye Pico and has multi colored propellers available for purchase as an add on, allowing kids to customize their drone. It is also the cheapest of all of the options and has a propeller guard available for purchase, to prevent the propellers damaging anything or the propellers from breaking as kids learn to fly the drone. The Cheerson CX-10 drone can be flown both indoors and out and has 3 speed modes, allowing kids to start out flying slowly and carefully, and gradually unleash the drones full potential as they become more skilled at flying it. Like the above two drones, the CX-10 can also perform flips, and is likely to entertain kids for hours on end. You can buy the Cheerson CX-10 by clicking here.