What To Look For When Buying A Drone

What To Look For When Buying A Drone

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Drones are becoming a popular gift as they have become much more affordable for the general public. Before making a purchase it is a good idea to read our guide of what to look for when buying a drone.


1) Laws

Before buying any drone the first thing you want to do is look at any drone laws in your country. The United States for example is looking at requiring all users of drones to register them while many other countries have laws affecting where you can fly you drone. As well as laws surrounding where you can fly, many countries have laws surrounding what you can do with your drone with regards to commercial use, with some banning commercial use altogether. You can read our extensive resource here that lists drone laws by country.


2) Place To Fly

Before buying a drone you should have a place in mind where you plan to fly your drone. Many smaller beginner drones can be flown indoors and outdoors without causing any interference, however many larger more advanced drones can cause serious problems. These drones can fly much higher and farther, potentially interfering with flight paths and posing hazards to the public on the ground if they crash. Before buying a drone, be sure you have a safe place to fly your drone in mind, away from airports, crowds and obstacles.


3) Skill Level

Before buying a drone you need to be honest with yourself about your level of skill. While jumping right into the intermediate GoPro carrying DJI Phantom may seem more attractive, it can come at a serious cost. Drones are unforgiving and a lack of skill can cause complete loss of your several hundred dollar investment if not flown correctly, or can cause many times the damage to other people or property. Here at UAV Systems International we have divided up our drones into three levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. You should also be aware of the age level of the intended user. We have a published a guide to what drones are suitable for kids here. Unless you have solid experience flying a drone you should purchase one of our beginner drones first. These drones cost roughly between $20~$100 and allow you to master your flying skills. These drones tend to be smaller, therefore causing less damage if you lose control of them and cheap enough that if you destroy one completely you will not be out much money. Click here to see our range of beginner drones.


4) Size

Pictures are not always an accurate indicator of the size of a drone. We try to include images that for example have the drone sitting on a persons hand to give our customers an idea of the drone size without needing to read measurements. This is not always possible however, and we therefore recommend that you be aware of and check the dimensions of the drone you plan to purchase. We provide this information for every drone we sell, listing all measurements in both centimeters and inches. Make sure that the dimensions are satisfactory and will allow you to fly the drone where you plan to.


5) Features

All of our drones, from our cheapest up to the most advanced all offer many features. Be aware of many of these features available for your drone and what ones you value when purchasing your drone.


6) Return To Home

Return to home is a feature that many of our drones offer. It gives the drone pilot a button to press if they lose control of the drone. Once pressed, the drone will automatically fly back and land back where it took off from. This feature is useful for beginners and is available on our $24.99 Eachine H8 drone, all the way up to our advanced drones.


7) Spare Parts Availability And Cost

Perhaps one of the most important thing to be aware of before purchasing a drone is the availability of spare parts and accessories. A drone that has no spare propellers available for example is nothing more than a dud as soon as one of the propellers breaks. Here at UAV Systems International we provide information regarding what spare parts and accessories are available for each drone. It can be found under the heading “Spare parts and accessories” under the product listing of each drone. If the heading does not exist that means there are no spare parts available. On top of ensuring that spare parts are available, you should also be aware of the cost. Over the life of your drone, you are likely to go through many propellers and spare parts. These spare parts vary in cost greatly depending on the drone, something you should be aware of and take into account when deciding what drone to purchase.

We hope the above guide for what to look for when buying a drone is helpful and ensures you make the right choice the first time when purchasing your drone.