What Is Commercial Drone Use?

What Is Commercial Drone Use?

Drones or UAS have generally fallen into 2 main categories: Recreational and Commercial.
The main differences governing the UAS rules depend whether on which country you are flying, and how you’re using the drone either recreationally or commercially.
So, what qualifies as Commercial Drone Use?
Common defines of “Commercial” include:
  • Concerned with or engaged in commerce
  • Making or intended to make a profit.

What are some examples of commercial uses of UAS?

  • Professional real estate or wedding photography
  • Professional cinema photography for a film or television production
  • Providing contract services for mapping or land surveys
  • Selling photos or videos taken from a UAS
  • Using UAS to provide contract services, such as industrial equipment or factory inspection
  • Using UAS to provide professional services, such as security or telecommunications
  • Using UAS to monitor the progress of work your company is performing


Depending on the country you a flying in you may require a commercial drone permit. You can refer to our Drone Laws webpages to