X8 Long Range Ready to Fly Drone
X8 Long Range Ready to Fly Drone
X8 Long Range Ready to Fly Drone
X8 Long Range Ready to Fly Drone
X8 Long Range Ready to Fly Drone

    X8 Long Range Ready to Fly Drone

    $ 1,999.99 USD $ 2,299.99 USD
    • Features Open Source Pixhawk Flight Controller
    • Range Of Up To 2 Miles (3.2Km) / 1 Hour Flight Time
    • Detachable Wings For Easy Transport
    • Ready To Fly Drone Model
    • Variety Of Professional Applications
    • Customizable Based On User Requirements
    • Global International Shipping!
    • See Detailed Description Below!

    We Guarantee The Best Price And Will Beat Any Competitor’s Price. We can answer any questions via the Live Chat at the bottom right of your screen or by calling +1-855-UAV-4002 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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    • Features Open Source Pixhawk Flight Controller
    • Range Of Up To 2 Miles (3.2Km) / 1 Hour Flight Time
    • Detachable Wings For Easy Transport
    • Ready To Fly Drone Model
    • Variety Of Professional Applications
    • Customizable Based On User Requirements
    • Global International Shipping!
    • See Detailed Description Below!

    We Guarantee The Best Price And Will Beat Any Competitor’s Price. We can answer any questions via the Live Chat at the bottom right of your screen or by calling +1-855-UAV-4002 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    X8 Long range ready to fly drone

    X8 Long Range Drone

    The X8 Long Range Drone Ready To Fly is our most popular base platform, used by a wide variety of companies from defence contractors, to oil & gas companies, security companies, and more. The X8 Long Range Drone is highly customizable to meet the end users requirements, however, the base model has a range of approximately 2 miles (3.22 km), and can fly for around 1 hour continuously depending on the operating conditions and payload.

    Looking for a larger option that carries more weight? Check out our Tarot X6 Ready To Fly, our Tarot T-18 Ready To Fly or our X8 Fixed Wing Cargo Drone for a fixed wing cargo option.

    The number 1 chosen add-on by customers


    Herelink HD Video Transmission System

    This is the newest and most advanced video transmission out there! The Herelink HD Video Transmission System is the all-in-one solution for long-range HD video transmission. It is capable of showing real time FPV for recording, data transmission and radio control. The radio controller has a built-in screen. While having the FPV while flying, the system allows you to get long range HD video, data and control information. The transmission range to what it could show real-time footage is up to 12.4 miles (ca. 20 km), with a latency less than 110ms. The 5.5" screen displays a multitude of control options. Examples of the control options are receiving live images, autopilot configuration through the native QGround control or other GCS applications based on the Mavlink system.

    The Air Unit supports 5-12v power input and has a single UART for connection to the flight controller or other Mavlink accessories. The Air Unit and the Radio Controller are both equipped with powerful Pinecone S1 processors with 4 cores at 2.2GHz and 4 more additional cores at 1.4GHz. This offers tons of possibilities for future development.

    Herelink HD Video Transmission System


    X8 Long Range Drone Ready To Fly

    • Pixhawk Flight Control system and free Mission Planner software
    • Mission Planner software provides a variety of telemetry data to the pilot in real time
    • Carry a payload of up to 1KG with your drone
    • Optional innovative catapult launching device preserves battery life
    • Constructed of strong, lightweight EPO material
    • Wings detach to allow for easy transportation
    • Drone is Ready To Fly out of the box and requires minimal setup
    • Achieve flight time of 1 hour on a single charge
    • Achieve flight range of 2 miles on a single charge
    • 6 months warranty on all components used on the drone

     Pixhawk flight controller system

    Powered By Pixhawk 

    With the Pixhawk flight controller system, the operator can program waypoints and flight plans into the drone before takeoff. The Pixhawk flight controller features manual flying modes, stabilise mode, and a (fail-safe function) return to home mode in addition to the autonomous mode.

    The drone can be piloted with the included controller when flying manually or via a laptop or tablet utilising the Mission Planner software when flying autonomously.


    Li-ion Battery Pack

    Li-Ion Battery Pack

    We have begun hand building the battery packs at our facilities using high-quality Samsung 18650 cells. This battery pack weighs 32% less than the same sized LiPo packs we used before, giving you the same great power while saving weight which directly translates into additional flight time or payload.

    Extra battery packs are also one of the most common add-ons that customers buy with us. No one wants to miss out on some extra flight time!


    High Precision GPS and Sonar

    High Precision GPS & Sonar

    The X8 Long Range Drone uses a high-quality US/Swiss made Ublox NEO-M8N. It is equipped with dual compasses, allowing for incredibly accurate positioning. A highly accurate, USA made sonar module, gives extra precision and stability when flying under 23 feet (ca. 7 m).

    Do you have any other requirements for the GPS you want to use for a special project? Let us know and together we will try to create the best solution for your drone!


    Powerful Brushless Motors

    Powerful Brushless Motors

    The X8 Long Range Drone is powered by 1 rear mounted brushless motor, that features a folding propeller. The folding propeller ensures that your hand does not get injured by the propeller when hand launching the drone into the air. The high-quality brushless motors require low maintenance compared to other types of motors and offer superior power and efficiency for the size of the motor.


    High Quality ESC

    High-Quality ESC'S

    When NASA came to us with a requirement, that we use a high quality made in USA electronic speed controller for every motor on our drones, we tested it and said, why not make this standard for all of our customers. These ESC's are lighter, and also deliver a much more agile feel, along with a quicker response, and feature a higher power to weight ratio.


    Mission Planner Software

    Mission Planner Software

    Draw route plans on screen using a Google Maps interface and monitor crucial telemetry information in real time. Live telemetry and flight data are displayed on the Mission Planner home screen for you to control and monitor your drone while flying. In addition, you can configure APM settings for your airframe in the software, and download mission log files to analyse them.

    Mission Planner is open sourced software, and always being updated and improved by thousands of contributors around the world. For more information on Mission Planner or to download the software, click here.


    L9R Long Range Radio module for X8 Long Range Drone

    Designed For Long Ranges

    The X8 Long Range Drone uses the L9R Long Range Radio module, giving you the potential to fly up to 2 miles (3.22 km). For an additional charge, we can extend the range.


    Taranis X9 Transmitter for X8 Long Range Drone


    The X8 Long Range Drone comes with a Taranis X9 Transmitter by default. It is a compact, ergonomic transmitter based on the wildly popular QX7, and features the ACCESS protocol which offers support for the OpenTX and ErskyTX open source operating system. It also features a backlit LED screen, along with audio and vibration alerts regarding values, alarms, and settings.

    You will have a great flight experience from solid ground, while guiding your drone to new heights up in the air.


    single battery for X8 Long Range Drone

    Single Battery

    With the single battery you can enjoy an estimated of 18 to 20 minutes on a single charge.

    Want to extend even your flying time having more batteries available? Extra batteries are the most common add-on of our customers. Let us know what you prefer, and we'll arrange it for you! 

    American Flag

    Made In USA Components

    We are proud to have ditched the Chinese components, and swapped them for higher quality made in USA parts were possible. Now, the Pixhawk flight controller, GPS system, telemetry, ultrasonic sonar, and electronic speed controller are all manufactured in the USA. The only main parts that are manufactured in China are the carbon fiber frame, motors, and controller. Upon request, we also have alternative options available to replace those parts.

    Tarot 650 V2.1 Continuous Improvement Program

    Continuous Improvement Program

    Every single week, our engineers make upgrades to the Tarot 650 V2.1 based on their testing and customer feedback. Our continuous improvement program is so good that you might wonder when can ever be the right time to buy if there will be a better version next week. As a result, we have begun offering the continuous improvement program, included with all Tarot 650’s purchased from January 2019 onwards. You can send your Tarot 650 back to us at any time in the future and for $299.99, we will upgrade it with the latest and greatest improvements we have introduced since you purchased it.


    Purchase With Confidence



    PO Terms 

    We can accept Net 30 purchase orders from most customers, with a few exceptions. Our team will determine eligibility on a case by case basis. Only pay for the drone when you have received it and are satisfied.


    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    We know you will love our products, but in the case you are not happy with the drone for any reason within the first 30 days, return it to us for a full refund.


    EDU/GOV Discounts

    Are you a school, university, government agency or contractor? You may qualify for discounts depending on what you purchase.

    Ask one of our sales agents through chat or e-mail, which would love to inform you about the possibilities for you.

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    Shipping & Manufacturing



    We can ship the X8 Long Range Drone worldwide. All of our X8 Long Range Drone are shipped in a wooden crate. This ensures that the drone arrives intact without any damage. It is also reusable and can be used to store the drone in the future.

    Heavy Duty Travel Case

    Alternatively, you can purchase one of our custom built heavy duty travel cases. These cases are ideal for protecting and transporting your drone if you plan to do lots of traveling. They come with dual handles, a custom cut foam interior with space for the drone, controller, batteries, charger, and any accessories you order from us. As with all of our drones these cases are built to order and can be customized extensively to meet your needs.

    Travel box for X8 Long Range Ready to Fly Drone

    Personal Delivery (NEW)

    We have begun offering personal delivery services. For a small additional fee, a member of our team will travel from our factory to your location to perform the delivery. Our team member will provide you with a brief training session on setting up the drone, and flying it, and will ensure that you fully understand how to operate the drone.



    • 2 Mile (3.2Km) Range
    • Approximately 1 hour Flight Time
    • Pixhawk Flight Controller Allows For Autonomous Programmed Flights
    • Can Be Fitted With FPV, Or Additional Equipment And Options Depending On Customer Requirements
    • 1.8 meter wingspan (5.90 feet)


    What’s Included? 

    • 1x X8 Long Range Drone Ready to Fly with all electronics installed and tested
    • 1x FrSky QX7 Transmitter
    • 1x Pixhawk Flight Controller
    • 1x Lipo Balance Charger With LCD Screen
    • 1x Instruction manuals and guide to getting started flying


    User Manual

    Want to check out the X8 Long Range Drone to get a full understanding of our X8 Long Range Drone before you place an order, or lost the manual that was included with your drone? Click here to download a PDF version of our user manual?


    Upgrades & Accessories

    We offer an extensive range of upgrades and equipment that we can install on each drone. Please contact us for pricing and additional info on each of these upgrades, or if there is something not listed that you would like to include on your drone.

    General Upgrades


    • Cargo Bay
    • Upgraded Transmitter
    • Cold Weather Package
    • Hot Climate Package
    • 4G LTE Control
    • External LED's
    • Range Extension
    • Flight Time Extension
    • FPV Camera
    • Ground Control Station
    • & Much More

    Additional Equipment


    • NVDI Camera
    • RGB Camera
    • Mapping Camera
    • 3D Modelling Camera
    • FLIR Thermal Camera
    • Infrared Camera
    • GoPro Camera
    • 4K High Zoom Camera
    • VR Goggles
    • Internal Monitoring Camera
    • & Much More

    Parts & Accessories


    • Extra Propellers
    • Extra Batteries
    • Travel Case
    • Tablet Ground Station
    • Car Charger Adaptor
    • Panasonic Toughbook Ground Station
    • & Much More

    5+ years In Business

    Trusted by a customer base in 100+ countries, UAV Systems International works with academia, corporations, defense contractors, government agencies, and end consumers to build customized fixed wing and multirotor drone solutions that meet their needs. No mission is too big or small, let us build you a solution to meet your needs today!


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    We have three easy ways to assist you with technical and product support 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Our technical support is available at no cost 24/7, 365 days a year, as part of our commitment to ensuring you have a seamless experience with our products.












    To discuss your requirements, and learn how we can build a platform to meet your needs, click the chat button at the bottom right of your screen, send us an email at support@uavsystemsinternational.com or call us at 1-855-UAV-4002 (1-855-828-4002).