How Can I Shoot Drone Videos Without Capturing The Drone?

How Can I Shoot Drone Videos Without Capturing The Drone?

There is nothing more annoying than flying above a stunning landscape, attempting to capture beautiful photography and video only to find that your video has the landing gear of the drone caught in it, as you can see in the video above by SJCam. There are a couple steps that you can take in order to ensure that your drone footage will not have the drone or drone landing gear in the footage you are trying to film.

Best Drones To Use To Avoid Capturing The Drone

Two types of drones can be used to ensure that you do not capture any of the drone in your aerial photo and video.

Front Mounted Camera Drone

Most of the newer drones now have their cameras mounted at the front, rather than underneath the drone. This will ensure that the camera never captures any part of the drone. The only downside however with this setup is that you cannot do smooth 360 rotations because in order to do so the whole drone needs to rotate 360 degrees rather than just the camera bay. If this does not matter to you, check out our list of front mounted camera drones below.

DJI Spark

DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Pro

If you are looking for a drone that will allow you to do 360 degree rotations, then take a look at our next type of drone for shooting 360 degree videos without capturing the drone, retractable landing gear drones.

Retractable Landing Gear Drone

Video 2: A DJI S1000+ Drone With Retractable Landing Gear By Gucchi Kerry

Retractable landing gear drones are the perfect solution in allowing you to shoot drone videos without capturing the drone however, they tend to cost a lot more. These drones have landing legs that can be retracted at the tap of a button, allowing the camera, mounted on a 360-degree gimbal to capture unobstructed aerial photography and video. The following list of drones have retractable landing gear,

DJI S900 Ready To Fly

DJI S1000+ Ready To Fly

Tarot T-18 Ready To Fly

DJI Matrice 600