Malawi Drone Laws (2022)

Malawi Drone Laws

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General Malawi Drone Laws

Drone use is allowed in Malawi, but there are several drone laws that need to be followed when flying in the country. Operators must ensure that they follow the following drone laws when flying in Malawi,

  • Do not fly your drone over people or large crowds
  • Respect others privacy when flying your drone
  • Do not fly your drone over airports or in areas were aircraft are operating
  • You must fly during daylight hours and only fly in good weather conditions
  • Do not fly your drone in sensitive areas including government or military facilities. Use of drones or camera drones in these areas are prohibited.

Permit Needed For Recreational Drone Use?

The regulations require drone operators to get authorization from the Department of Civil Aviation before flying their gadgets and have an adequate insurance policy.

Please adhere to the above General Malawi Drone Laws however when flying your drone. (What Is Recreational Drone Use?)

Permit Needed For Commercial Drone Use?

A drone permit is not required for commercial drone use as long as your drone is under 2kg.

If your drone weighs more than 250g you must register it with the Mexican authorities.

Foreign operators:
Only a Mexican citizen can register or request flight permits in the Mexican airspace. If you wish to import a drone, you only must pay for the entrance tax in the country.

Please adhere to the above General Mexico Drone Laws however when flying your drone. (What Is Commercial Drone Use?)

Bringing Your Drone On Airplanes Guide

A permit is required for commercial drone use in Malawi.
Click here to get assistance on how to obtain a permit, or contact the local aviation authority. (What Is Commercial Drone Use?)

Here is some video footage shot by r0bharris when flying a drone in Malawi.

Buying Drones In Malawi

Read all of our Malawi Drone Laws, and now looking for drones, parts, accessories, or something else? Read our guide for Buying Drones In Malawi. It includes information on drones for sale in Malawi, import taxes, payment options, and shipping.

Drone Travel Guide

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