Commercial use of drones

Commercial use of drones

Commercial Use Of Drones

“Ignorance of the law excuses no one from compliance therewith”.

What Is Commercial Use Of UAV’s?

Any commercial use in connection with a business or nonprofit organization, including:

  • Selling photos or videos taken from a UAS
  • Using UAS to provide contract services, such as industrial equipment or factory inspection
  • Using UAS to provide professional services, such as security or telecommunications
  • Using UAS to monitor the progress of work your company is performing

Do I need A Commercial Permit?

Anyone flying a drone is using airspace. Airspace is subject to air traffic regulations.

Federal laws and regulations that govern the use of UAV’s are extensive and complex. Every person that wants to operate recreational drones or model aircraft must operate them in accordance with these laws and regulations of each country.

A commercial permit or commercial letter of authorization is an official document expedited by the corresponding agencies of each country. This is not a standard letter, formats may vary from country to country, year by year.

Most countries ask for months of anticipation to fulfill the application process, others ask for fees to get a hobby permit, others don’t require permits for flying drones for fun. It will depend on each country regulation. We recommend first to contact the local authorities to ask for more first-hand information, or we can help you contact the authorities and make the corresponding research on your behalf.

Important: You have to consider that we are NOT responsible for any reference information that we may give you but YES we are responsible for each letter of authorization we give our customers.

What Are The Requirements To Fly Commercially?

Drones regulations vary from country to country, year by year. The following requirements are the most common for commercial operation of drones:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a third party liability drone insurance
  • Pilot licenses (prove the pilot know how to handle correctly the aircraft)
  • Flight hours evidence
  • Company’s letter request including details of the activities intended to do

Common Commercial Uses

Research, non profit organizations and business

  • Professional real estate or wedding photography
  • Professional cinema photography for a film or television production
  • Providing contract services for mapping or land surveys
  • Construction
  • Filming
  • Photography
  • Documentary
  • Drone rental and sells
  • Agriculture
  • Delivery

Recreational Vs. Commercial Use

Review the differences between recreational flying and commercial flying.