Do I need to register my drone

Do I Need To Register My Drone?

Do I Need To Register My Drone?

Do I Need To Register My Drone

If you live in the United States you have likely heard of the rule coming into effect regarding the need to register new drones. The rule has been brought into effect as drones have become more and more popular as their price has declined, leading to rogue drones and increased risk of drones colliding with aircraft. The latest rules from the FAA are designed to create accountability and allow authorities to track down the owners of rogue drones.

All drones over half a pound will need to be registered. The registration will take place after the sale has been completed and will be performed by the customer who purchases the drone, with UAV Systems International or the store who sold the drone having no involvement. The registration will be performed through a website and will only require the name of the owner and the address he/she live at, with no additional information required. No fee will be charged for the registration. Upon completing registration the drone owner will be required to place the registration number on the drone so that it is visible, with no particular text size specified or required.

The registration requirements will apply to all drones, both those bought already and new ones purchased in the future that weigh over half a pound. Most drones in our beginner drone store will not fall under this category, but we plan to send out a notice to all existing customers of drones over half a pound and all new customers in teh future, informing them of the new rules. The drone registration is not officially in effect yet, as it will need to be reviewed and approved in the coming weeks. Sign up by clicking here, and we will send out an email when the rules go into effect and the website where owners can register at.