Sweden Drone Laws (2022)

Sweden Drone Laws

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General Sweden Drone Laws

Drone use is allowed in Sweden, but there are several drone laws that need to be followed when flying in the country. Operators must ensure that they follow the following drone laws when flying in Sweden, following the rules established since February 2018.

Simplified rules for drones under 7 kg - category 1

  • Mark your drone: Unmanned aircraft of category 1 (less than 7 kg) shall be marked with the operator's name and telephone number.
  • Get an insurance: No liability insurance is required for drones weighing less than 20 kg and used only for display and recreational activities. Although liability insurance is not required, the recommendation is still to always have it, as a regular home insurance usually does not cover damage caused by drones. The insurance must be a form of liability insurance for damage against third parties and other property and amount to SDR 750,000. SDR is a kind of course and a 1 SDR corresponds to about SEK 12, so 750,000 SDR corresponds to approximately SEK 9 million. If there is no reference to the EC Regulation 785/2004 in the insurance policy, it should instead state that the insurance applies to flight with unmanned aircraft and that the liability part in the insurance amounts to at least SEK 9 million.
  • Make sure your drone is in good condition and has lighting if you fly in the dark
  • Always appoint a pilot to the commander for each flight and prepare the flight Always appoint a pilot to the commander for each flight. This means that the person is responsible for the unmanned aircraft's performance and safety during the flight. Before the flight, the pilot must take note of updated information about any restrictions or special conditions from AIP, AIP Supplement, NOTAM, the county administrative board, the police authority, and the municipality. The pilot should be well acquainted with the unmanned aircraft's function and control, and be sure that the flight can be performed safely
  • You cannot fly your drone higher than 120 meters
  • You must operate your drone within visual line of sight at all times
  • Respect others privacy when flying your drone. Keep away from people, animals and property, Do not take offensive photos and do not spread aerial photos without permission. 
  • Do not fly your drone within 5km max from airports or in areas where aircraft are operating. For helipads you must maintain a distance of at least 1km away from them
  • Do not fly your drone in sensitive areas including government facilities, nuclear power plants, prisons, natural heritage areas, and military areas. Use of drones or camera drones in these areas are prohibited
  • You must maintain a logbook that records all drone flights you have taken within Sweden.  You can obtain a log book in here.

Tips for Pilots!

For all operators who wish to obtain a safe flight experience with all possible precautions before any flight, we recommend using the Drone Pilot application. ¡Available for Sweden!

What benefits do I get from this application? View your flight history View made flight history to check things like duration, altitude, etc. See flight regulations See latest and all flight regulations for your chosen region in the app's app. Get notified You can get notified about drone flights taking place nearby or many other useful things.

Permit Needed For Recreational Drone Use?

A drone permit is not required for recreational drone use.

In this cases, you need to seek a permit to fly drones:

  • all drones over 7 kg
  • all flight out of sight (when you can't see the drone with your own eyes)
  • all flight over 120 meters in uncontrolled air
  • all flight over people, animals, and property, which do not belong to the flight and thus did not give their consent.NOTE: There is an extra charge for license permit

Please adhere to the above General Sweden Drone Laws however when flying your drone. (What Is Recreational Drone Use?)

Permit Needed For Commercial Drone Use?

A permit is required for commercial drone use in Sweden. Click here to purchase a permit, or contact the local aviation authority. (What Is Commercial Drone Use?)

Bringing Your Drone On Airplanes Guide

For a detailed guide to bringing your drone on airplanes click here. All drones should be brought on carry on luggage if possible. This is because according to the Montreal Convention, airlines are only liable for losses up to ~$1,000 USD. When traveling internationally, theft and lost luggage can be common issues, particularly if your flight has many connections. If your drone is worth more than $1,000 USD and you cannot bring it onto the plane you should consider shipping it with DHL, Fedex, or UPS instead and fully insure the shipment.

You should NOT place drone batteries in your checked baggage. All drone batteries should be placed in a Medium Size Lipo Battery Bag like the one shown here in the link and brought onto the plane in your carry on bag. Lithium-ion batteries are considered ""dangerous goods"" by airlines and rules surrounding these batteries on planes are EXTREMELY strict due to multiple incidents of these batteries catching fire. Failure to properly pack lithium-ion batteries in a bag such as the one shown in the link above can result in the airline seizing them, you getting fined, or being denied boarding.

Here is some video footage shot by Jonathan Steinhoff when flying a drone in Sweden.

Buying Drones In Sweden

Read all of our Sweden Drone Laws, and now looking for drones, parts, accessories, or something else? Read our guide for Buying Drones In Sweden. It includes information on drones for sale in Sweden, import taxes, payment options, and shipping.

Drone Travel Guide

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