Take your drone on a plane guide

Take Your Drone On A Plane Guide

Take Your Drone On A Plane Guide

There are many things to think about when traveling somewhere else, however, if you plan to bring your drone with you this article will guide you through everything you need to know about bringing your drone on airplanes.

Check In vs Carry On?

You go on a holiday or on a business trip and your valuable drone accompanies you. But what now? What do you need to arrange? How do I get a drone safe and sound from my departure place to my arrival destination? We do not recommend to check your drone in on an airplane. But.. I want to take some nice videos and such of my trip? Then be aware that the Montreal convention states that airlines are liable for only up to around ~$1,000 USD of baggage losses.

Every connection your flights has towards its final destination, is a chance for the drone to get lost. You get to a less developed country and your drone might even get stolen at the arrival airport. The drone never makes it back to you. So what now? The last thing you want on a vacation or on your business trip, is to start the trip without your valuable drone.

Drones like the DJI Phantom, DJI Mavic, and DJI Spark can be brought onboard the plane with you. Larger drones such as the DJI Inspire, and DJI Matrice are recommended to be shipped via Fedex, DHL, or UPS. These companies fully insure your drone from departure to delivery. In case you have to check your drone in with a commercial airline, then always have purchase an insurance. The supplementary insurance covers for the full value of the drone and its accessories. A must have for every drone lover!

Buy a drone backpack!

Don’t throw your drone in a bag without protection! Doing that, and it will damage your valuable drone severely. It could even happen that you cannot even make use of the drone once you get to your destination. With a proper travel bag or case, you can ensure the drone will arrive in working order.

There are two types of drone travel bags, called “soft bags” and “hard shell bags”. Hard shell bags are the best if you are moving to many locations in your trip. These bags can take a massive beating, and have the from being waterproof. A soft bag is best if you don’t travel too much, like stay in a hotel. A list of our recommended soft and hard shell backpacks for the most popular drones is listed below.

How Do I Bring Drone Batteries Onto An Airplane?

Buy Lipo battery bags as a drone travel accessory. A must have for every drone owner or airlines will seize them even before getting to your destination. You won’t be able to fly your drone on your trip, a bad start of the trip. Due to issues with lithium batteries airlines have cracked down the transport of them. Batteries spontaneously started to catch fire which have raised safety concerns from airlines. The batteries that you will be carrying are considered dangerous goods. Pack them properly! The Lipo bags will seal the batteries and contain flames in an emergency. Want to buy a Lipo bag?  Check our recommended list here.