The drone with the most functions

The Drone With The Most Functions

The Drone With The Most Functions

WL Toys V959

We always tell our customers that they should be buying one of our beginner drones before they touch anything more advanced to avoid losing their whole investment in a crash due to inexperience. Many people just want to jump right in, buying a DJI Phantom and hoping they can master it right off the bat as it is much more exciting than our range of beginner drones. The WL Toys V959 however is changing that, a beginner drone that also excels as having the most functionality of any of our drones. At a price of $74.99, it also comes at a fraction of the cost.

The WL Toys V959 can perform aerobatic flips, fly indoors or outdoors, and features LED lights. The drone includes a camera, allowing you to capture photography and video from the skies. Where this drone takes it to the next level is once you remove the camera. The drone has an open circuit board with many plugs, allowing you to plug in many additional accessories that attach to the bottom of the drone once you are tired of capturing aerial photography and video. The accessories available are a bubble blower, a gun shooter, a water shooter and a winch with basket, all providing endless hours of entertainment. Watch the videos below to see the attachments in action. Click here to find out more about the WL Toys V959, the drone with the most functions, or to purchase one.

Water Gun & Bubble Blower

Gun Shooter