FPV and drones

FPV and drones

What Is FPV

The future in flying drones, FPV!

FPV with drones is the latest technology in the world of drones and stands for First Person View. The FPV goggles are the main tool for getting the view yourself. Drone pilots wear them while flying their drone for the best aerial shots.

A camera mounted on the front of the drone broadcasts live footage into the goggles. While wearing the goggles, the pilots are immersed, the same way a user wearing Virtual Reality goggles would be. The pilot sees everything in first person view as if he/she was inside the drone and flying it, rather than standing on the ground looking up at it.

FPV technology allows pilots to fly their drones much farther, beyond their line of sight while avoiding obstacles.

Is FPV something for me, should I buy it?

Do you want to fly long distances with your quadcopter or hexacopter drones and take the best aerial shots with your drone? An FPV system will almost guarantees you the best aerial shots out there! You no longer have to guess for the shot setup from a far away position on the ground.

However, if you ever imagined being a pilot yourself at fast speeds, then this is something for you. Some people even tried to see if it could keep up with a F1 car. Think we are joking? Check the video here. You will enjoy the feeling of flying, that you won’t get when just standing on the ground and looking at your drone. The current systems, lightweight goggles provide a truly immersive experience. Is it appealing to you, does it fit your personality, want to feel how it is to fly like a bird. Then buy one yourself now!

Imagine yourself being the pilot in the cockpit of the drone. Fly at speeds faster than 50 mph. Just a new experience has opened itself to the world of technology and flying.

We also offer a lot of other accessories to make your flight experience even better, which you can check here. Is your prefered product not there? Chat with us or contact us, and we will make sure we will get it for you!

See here the first person view in action.