UAV 650 Battery

    Tarot 650 Drone Extra Battery

    $ 199.99 USD
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    The Tarot 650 battery pack consists of 1 6S 8,000 mAh LiPo battery pack. These LiPo packs are built to a very high level of quality, designed specifically for use in UAVs, and high ampere applications.

    There are many LiPo batteries on the market, but our engineers have worked hard to ensure these batteries have an extra level of protection and reliability that is necessary for use in UAVs with potentially high-value payloads. High-quality Kapton tape and aluminum plating around the cells ensures a higher level of quality than most LiPo packs available on the market. 

    Each battery pack includes 1 piece of 6S 8,000 mAh 22.2V LiPo batteries with XT60 connectors.